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Welcome! Bio Identical Hormone Replacement – San Antonio


Are you tired, irritable, or out of sorts? Have you gained weight or noticed hair loss? Do you feel bloated, have trouble sleeping, have foggy thoughts, or have trouble concentrating? You just don’t feel like yourself.

Have you had routine tests done and been told everything is “normal” although you don’t feel normal?

By working together, my goal is to understand your unique symptoms, measure your current state of health and hormones, and then carefully balance your hormones so that your uncomfortable and bothersome hormonal symptoms can be resolved.

I will also address healthy lifestyle issues and suggest other natural ways to improve your overall health. I want to treat you as a whole person in order to optimize your health and well-being!

Thank you for your interest in Refined Balance, and I look forward to assisting you in this journey.


Kay Morris, M.D.

Individualized Treatment

Let us help you unlock your true potential.

We use Bio-identical Hormone Treatment and take a Functional Medicine approach to help you reach your true potential.

Balanced Treatment Plan

Your health is a delicate balancing act of hormones, nutrition, and environmental factors.

We can show you how to bring these back in alignment and have you feeling like yourself once again!

Remember When?


You just woke up and felt fantastic?

We can help you to turn back the clock and feel great once again!

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Learn what makes Refined Balance different...

There’s a reason why patients flock to Dr. Morris not only from across Texas, but even the globe! You won’t find our approach anywhere else.

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Fatigue, Hormone Imbalance, Thyroid Dysfunction and Nutritional Deficiencies

are just a few of the things we treat on a daily basis


We see patients needlessly suffering from these and many more symptoms on a daily basis. Stop taking countless prescriptions that merely treat (mask) your symptoms. Let us do what Traditional Medicine struggles to…  Let us reveal and treat the root cause of your ailments and have you feeling like a much younger, happier and healthier you!

Come see what the buzz is all about and let Dr. Morris’ unique blend of Functional and Traditional medicine and her over 30 years of expertise work for you!


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